Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Is In The Air

He walked from the line of trees as if the world belonged to him. Each step he had taken had reminded Ivy of a predator; stealth and dominance. This was her mate, a man who had shown her nothing but love and patience. Nyx had also opened up a whole world to her where he’d taught her passion as well. Ivy could feel his hands on every inch of her body. The slow caress of his knuckles against her cheek, his fingers kneading her breasts and tweaking her nipples, and what his hands done even lower made her close her eyes and lick her lips. Nyx was insatiable when it came to love making but Ivy couldn’t just roll over with her paws…er legs in the air, now could she? As he approached she slowly got up from where she’d been sitting and began to take off through the tall grasses in the clearing that was their favorite spot.
             Nyx smiled wickedly as he saw his mate running across the field. He’d been cooped up all day at the garage and hadn’t had much time to spend with his beautiful girl which suddenly he came to a halt-she was carrying his young and running across the field. Immediately he shifted and took off after his careless mate who was already laughing at him in his mind. He playfully howled after her and she kicked it into high gear as she sped across the field sending dandelion fluff and white and yellow butterflies into the air in her wake.
             Ivy continued to run until she came to where a stream from the falls had formed a lake. Without even a thought she glanced back at the large black wolf trailing on her heels with the clear blue eyes that seemed to glow even in shade of the trees before launching herself into the air shifting before she hit the ice cool water. Nyx shifted before diving into the water after Ivy.
             Ivy broke the surface of the water and looked around while treading water. Nyx was no where to be seen. She could have sworn that he was right behind her. God the water was cold. Then just as she started to swim towards the shore to look for him, she felt a hand clamp her ankle. She turned and there he with jet black hair slicked back, smoldering eyes framed by thick dark lashes, and the lips she’d kissed a hundred times and more.
             Nyx spit a stream of water as he pulled her by her ankle towards him. Even though the water was cold since spring had just started, he couldn’t deny there was a pat of him that hadn’t lost all feeling in the frigid water. He pulled her close and smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Nyx loved the feel of her body against his, even more so now that she was carrying their babe.
             “Ivy, my love, I think you have a penchant for trouble.” He mused as he nuzzled the side of her neck which made her giggle.
             “Yes I do. I’ve decided I like being naughty rather than nice after all. Besides, its spring Nyx and even your sister Khloe said that exercise is a good thing.”
             Ivy shrieked as she felt him pinch her bottom for that last remark so she in turn nipped him on his chin. They began to frolic like two water sprites as they swam and swirled around each other. Ivy tried to dunk Nyx but he was too quick in the water and when they couldn’t take the chill of it any longer, they made their way to the grassy bank only to spend the next few hours with more carnal activities.
             The sky had finally gone from shades of gold and pinks to dark blue with stars dotting its canvas. The two of them lay beside each other watching the few clouds go by. Nyx had only left her briefly to retrieve a stash of clothing nearby. He looked over at her as she looked up and placed a hand on the slight bulge under the sweat shirt.
             “Ivy? Baby, are you okay?” he asked suddenly concerned.
             Ivy closed her eyes tight to try and keep the tears back. She tried to roll over so he wouldn’t see but he wrapped his arms around her and it was that moment that Ivy knew she couldn’t keep up her charade any longer. The tears wouldn’t stay back any longer.
             It broke his heart to see tears but when she began to speak he couldn’t help the overwhelming need to hunt up that bastard and kill him all over again. It all made sense the more she talked, all those times when she’d seemed so distant and far way in her thoughts. How many times had he thought she wasn’t happy? Countless. How many times had he blamed himself for putting so much on her when in many ways they were still getting to know one another? Countless. Ivy mourned the child she lost and feared for the one she carried. Nyx held her; he held her until her tears were spent.
             There was a stillness; only the sounds of the night with the wind blowing through the trees and tall grass. He struggled with what he was going to say to her.
             “Ivy, you still believe that the loss of your son was your fault, but it wasn’t. You have got to see that baby, that it wasn’t your fault.” He said softly as he looked into those sad eyes.
             Ivy couldn’t say anything. It hurt too much to go back to that but that baby had meant the world to her. She had felt that baby move within her body and then all those weeks and months to have it all taken from her tore her apart. Nyx stood up dragging her with him. He turned her so that her back was facing him. He kept his arms around her.
             “Ivy, listen to the night. The wind as it blows through the tall grass and trees, the insects that buzz and chirp, the low hoot of the great gray owl that takes its flight, the mouse that scurries to get to its home, and even the small fish who are trying to out jump the older and much bigger ones. This is life Ivy-all around you is life. There are seasons for everything and your season to be a mother has only just begun. Your son, our son, is all around us in everything bright, beautiful, and alive. See that, and accept that the child that was lost to you is found all around you and in here,” he kissed her hand before placing it over her heart, “Our baby doesn’t replace the son that was lost, but a hope for a new beginning Ivy, not one cursed as you think.”
             Ivy couldn’t help the torrent of tears that started once again. She knew everything he was saying was true. Nyx and the child she was carrying was love she deserved to have and letting go didn’t mean she was forgetting. Her son, her little Damien who would have been named after a famed priest she’d read about that sacrificed his life to save a leaper colony. Funny, she’d always viewed living in the Shepherd’s Flock as a leaper colony seeing as everyone was sick and the only way out was death. She hadn’t been able to see him and Lorna had taken care of all the arrangements. Damien had been buried with a simple stone with his name and date of birth at a beautiful cemetery over five hundred miles away so that no one would ever discover him or her. All that was in the past now, Nyx and this baby was her future.
             Nyx didn’t need to hear her thoughts. He knew the internal struggle she was going through. The wind picked up and he kissed her cheek and stepped away from her and began to call out into the night.

     “Little one; Damien, my son that I never got to know I want to tell you that I love your mother. I love her more than even the sun loves the sky. I promise you that all your brothers and sisters will love her and we will never let a day pass that you are forgotten little one.” And with that he wiped a tear from his face before turning towards his mate.
             Nyx held out his hand and Ivy took it. He looked at her and gently urged her to call to her son on the wind. At first she was apprehensive about doing as he had done but it warmed her heart that he claimed Damien when no other would have. She took a moment to grieve the life her son would have had with her and Nyx. Nyx would have loved him and taught him so many things. Damien would have grown up happy and would have never known an unkind word or an angry touch. Then she opened her eyes and spoke the words from her heart.
             “Damien, my sweet boy, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t protect you better. I’m sorry you never got to live life.” She had to struggle to choke down the grief that had lumped itself in her throat. Nyx gave her hand a squeeze and she got through it. Her voice trembled but she got the words out, “I love you. I never stopped loving you my son. I wanted you more than anything! You can be at peace my little snuggle bunny. You will never be far from my heart or thoughts.”
             Nyx tucked her into his side and wrapped his arms around her as the wind blew over them and then suddenly went still. Ivy looked up at Nyx and pulled his face down to hers, “I love you Nyx Wahpeton.” And then she smiled as he kissed her.
             Spring was definitely in the air and with it would come rebirth, renewal, and love.

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suev57 said...

Hi Nikki,
Cursed Awakening sounds like a very good read. I hope it sells well for you.


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Cursed Awakening sounds like a very good read. I hope it sells well for you.

Nicole Noffsinger said...

Thank you ladies! Good luck with the drawing and be sure to hop around to the other blogs for your chance to win and discover some really great writers. said...

I have read Cursed Awakening but would love another copy! I loved it, by the way!

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Nice excerpt


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Thanks for the giveaway! Spring is in the air, but unfortunately living in Upstate NY, it is not even close to arriving. It snowed again at my house just tonight. I'm looking forward to the warm weather and longer days though. Spring is the time of love and my favorite romance novel is entitled "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. It's not strictly a romance novel as it's found in the literature section of a bookstore, but it has strong romantic elements. Jamie Fraser is my favorite romantic hero as he's strong, sensitive, honorable and slightly flawed. Sometimes his pride gets in the way of making the right decision, but in the end, he'd do anything for Claire.
I love this giveaway hop! And, I plan to keep on hopping!

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Nice excerpt!
Unfortunately we just got slammed with another five inches of snow {in Missouri}, so no spring here yet.

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Catherine Lee said...

Nyx Wahpeton? What an unusual name. How do you come up with your characters' names?
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Hi Nikki,
Cursed Awakening sounds like a pretty great read... Thank you for being part of the hop.

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"Cursed Awakening" sounds incredibly good and one that is now officially on my "to read" list. I love the cover as well. I kept looking at it over and over again because I kept finding different things I liked about it each time. I just really like that cover.
Thank you so much for the chance to enter the giveaway and happy spring to all!
Shelly H.

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That is a gorgeous cover and the book sounds like a great read. The excerpt brought tears to my eyes truly.
Thanks for the great giveaway!! Happy spring!!
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liked the excerpt thanks for the hop! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

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Nicole Noffsinger said...

Thank you ladies for coming out to join the Blog Hop! Catherine Lee when I thought up Cursed Awakening which at the time was titled Wolf 1, I spent a long time with their names. Most of the names have meanings to them. The surname of Nyx and his family, Wahpeton is Lakota Sioux for "wolf". Nyx is actually a Greek girl's name but it means "night" and I just couldn't get it out of my head. Mai in the Native American language means "Coyote" and Dayami is typically a girl name but there have been boys who have been named Dayami. Every Native American tribe has a different meaning. Most of the translations have been "evil" "Queen of Evil" but then I found the male translation from the Ogala tribe of the Lakota Sioux which means "He Who Leads The Night". I actually had to send some E-Mails to the Republic of the Lakota. They were very helpful. All my characters are like my children-I try to choose names for them that have some sort of meaning or gives their character some oomph. I try to blend the personality with their names.