Saturday, March 30, 2013


I am so grateful or all 15 entries for my give away of my book Cursed Awakening. I was only going to give away one copy but after the response I got, well I chose two other lucky people. So without further adieu, these are the lucky winners who should be receiving their copies of Cursed Awakening:

Cassandra Hicks

Ashley Applebee

Krysta B.

I am sure I will do more author events where I'll have more freebies to give out so stay tuned.

Would you like a sneak peek at the second installment in this series?

Lahni Wahpeton is the free spirit of her family. She's a law unto herself when it comes to her independence. Now that the threat to her family and the Reservation is over, she's more than ready to resume her career as lead guitarist for her band but that's not the real reason she's in such a rush to get as far as she can from New Hope and her family. The real reason is the brooding and all too serious clan leader, Shiloh Red Cloud. There was a time when Lahni gave her heart to him but that was years ago and Lahni isn't the same young girl who followed him like a lovesick pup. She's a grown woman now and she has no time for Shiloh. 

Shiloh Red Cloud is fierce and proud and takes the needs of his clan and pack seriously but from the moment he returned to his boyhood home of New Hope, Lahni Wahpeton is determined to drive him crazy. Lahni's always been his woman but she doesn't know it and that's okay because if Shiloh has learned anything it has been patience. However, not everyone is so willing to accept their union and a black storm of betrayal will rear its ugly head in the upcoming sequel to Cursed Awakening. 

Soon to be released is Lost To The Night Volume 2. In this anthology the stories continue with authors Denyse Bridger, Kayden McLeod, Trent Kinsey, myself, and Susan VanNort. Just like with the first volume, you will be getting five great stories that have something a bit different and varying degrees of sensual heat! If you loved Lost To The Night Volume 1, then you will absolutely fall in love with Lost To The Night Volume 2. Stay tuned, I'll be releasing all the information when it is up for release. 

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