Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Great Blog Experience: 16 Weeks With the TTCVBT

The Great Blog Tour Experience

            Some months ago, I signed on the Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour. I wasn’t quite sure what exactly a blog tour was but being a recently published author I wanted to take part in the tour for a few reasons. First, I wanted to learn better how to promote myself as an author through my blog. Secondly, I wanted to connect with other authors who had the same passion about writing as I did. Now that it will officially come to an end this Sunday, I’m kind of sad about it. All summer long I’ve enjoyed completing my blog assignments and being part of TEAM TURNER. I’ve gotten so much out of the experience and I’m grateful to Tasha Turner and all those authors who hosted me on their blog space. It was a wild ride, wasn’t it?

            I learned so much such as how to write better Twitter and social network pitches. I never knew that just the right tag line on a pitch can really affect how much interest and traffic to a blog. I also learned that Bruce Blake had a lot of time on his hands in his younger days. Hopefully there was no apple pie involved. Marketing on the Internet is a powerful tool and if it is done correctly, then it yields positive results. Here I just thought blogging was just posting updates from daily life or in my case, posts that pertained to my writing and recent publications. I never knew that it was so much more. There are literally thousands of people that look at blogs every day and how many blogs are passed over because they didn’t have a hook or something to draw the attention. Tasha Turner’s Coaching Virtual Blog Tour helped me see that a blog is so much more than some online journal or space to just say, “Hi, I’m an author and this is me and what I write.”

            Aside from the sometimes challenging assignments, I found myself meeting and connecting with my hosts or those who I was to spotlight on my blog as friends. No matter what our persuasion was in terms of our writing genre, we all were connected by our passion for writing. Authors like Catrina Taylor, Anjie Harte, Laci Page, Ellie Mack, and Linda Bolton all love to spin tales of romance fiction whether it’s contemporary or fantasy. Authors like Bruce Blake, Joseph Eastwood, Amadi Kyym(Natalie Starr), Raymond Frazee, Scott Bury, and others wove tales of crime and mystery with lots of intrigue. Their heroes were sometimes the least likely ones. Then there were those authors who write stories of self discovery, life journeys, and stories of the heart like Ed Griffin, Doug Simpson, and Allison Bruning. I know I am leaving so many of the wonderful authors that were apart of the tour but it’s hard to squeeze so much fantastic into one blog. In doing the tour with all these great people, it was amazing to see how they thought and where their creative processes not only took themselves but their readers as well. Plus, we just had a great time getting together; I mean don’t they even throw soirees at mental hospitals? I think we did McMurphy and the guys proud. Even Tasha Turner herself survived, so who’s for breaking out all those Village People records? Okay, maybe that is going to far, even I can’t picture Bruce Blake in an Afro wig or Allison Bruning in platforms. However, I think Laci, Anjie, Ellie, and Catrina could have pulled off the hot pants. Who knows right?

            In closing, the Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour was awesome to be apart of. I would recommend Tasha Turner to any writer, blogger, or author who like me is just trying to make their way to the top. Putting yourself in her hands is a guarantee that you are making the right steps on the right path. For all my blog tour friends, whether we only had one interaction either hosting or as a guest, it was a pleasure in knowing all of you. For some of you, we hang out at the same padded cell (which reminds me, Laci-its your turn to bring the cheetos). I learned far more than I thought I would. I accomplished more than I thought I could, and in the end, I have great new friends that come from all walks of life and writing. I wish all of you much success! Just remember your faithful host here when you hit it big and you’re strutting the red carpet, okay!



Linda Bolton said...

I had a great time too!

Tasha Turner said...

I love it Team Turner. It was a wild ride and a lot if fun. We learned so much from each other. Some weeks it was a party. Some weeks it felt like cram before finals. But we always knew that if we popped into the group someone would be there to laugh, cry, help, celebrate with us. The tour turned into so much more than I expected. Thanks for the kind words.