Sunday, August 26, 2012

You Are Cordially Invited to Author Linda Bolton's Playground: The Merry Go Round of Deleted Scenes

This week’s topic on the blog tour is deleted scenes.

I love deleted scenes.  Deleted scenes can be the playground of your novel.  They don't have to make sense, they don't have to perfectly fit and they can be used to build ideas.  Plus.....they can be naughtier than anything you would ever want to put in your book and no one will ever know but you.  Kind of like a secret garden that no one will see.  

I might use a scene that I know has no place in my current chapter as catalyst to jump start some ideas that do actually make sense, and all I have to do is hit the delete button. (or save it somewhere in case I do come to a point where it can be edited and used)

Believe it or not, in this blog there were several deleted scenes.  One in which the heroine (that would be me) was whisked away to a rough cut home in the Scottish moors by a strapping kilted man where he had his way with me over and over............and over.

Another scene, the heroine (that would be me again) had an incredibly hot threesome with her red-headed ex-roommate and her current love slave.  Orgasms for everybody!!!!

So see??? Deleted scenes can fulfill a dream and provide lots of fodder to expound upon and may actually make it in your book.

I will say, in my first completed book, I did have one scene that was deleted, but two chapters down the road I wanted to use it. It was gone. So was the idea. I have since purchased a new writing program that saves my deleted scenes in case I need I find a use for them.

In my current work in progress, my partner and I are not far enough along to have actual scenes to delete. But we are having a good time thinking up the “fodder”.

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