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Thursday Exclusive: Author Joseph Eastwood Chats About Book Titles

Today you get a special treat, author Joseph Eastwood discusses not only book titles but gives a sneak peak of his own book, Lumen. Thank you Joseph for being my guest today! 

Now without further adieu, Joseph Eastwood...
 Naming Characters and Books
     I once read somewhere that naming a character or a book is absolutely essential, and if it doesn’t suit them then it’s like a cheap suit that itches, and that’s what I think every time I’m coming up with a name… if it doesn't go then it irritates me because I always think of it as a horrible, tight, itchy suit. However, the best kind of suit is the one that is tailor made with fine fabrics and cloths, the only difference being that naming a book or a character will not set you back a couple hundred dollars/pounds.

When I comes to naming a character I have to get my baby naming books out, yes, I’m 19 years old and I have a baby naming book… not because I got knocked up, as that would be weird; I am a guy, but because characters and naming them is important to a writer. I do like looking through the baby naming books, sometimes just picking it up, flicking to a page and picking a name out – through that method I have got quite a few good names for my stories.

In my novel, Lumen, which is soon to be released, I found the name Jac, and yes, part of me went for that over the traditional Jack because of how it was spelled differently. I do really like unusual spellings but sometimes there’s just something bad about overcomplicating a name and it stumps you every time you come across it in a book and you’re sat thinking to yourself and rolling your tongue and pursing your lips, just trying to pronounce the name. And that’s one of the things I always look for in a name, is it easy to say?

Now, naming a book is a whole different ball game, a book can have any name, a character can’t… unless you wanted to, I mean, I’d love to read a short story about a guy called Chair, or a girl called Couch, I don’t know, maybe it could happen, but I doubt it. So, naming a book is totally different, and there might be something you’re trying to show through the name, maybe the genre etc. or maybe your book is a series of a book following one character, and you include their name in the title, just like with the Harry Potter book, or Darren Shan. I like the titles of my books to have a secret behind them, but also a meaning, and for all the titles in my series, the Blood Luminary, I have only used Latin words. Lumen is Latin for light, and then it goes, Noctem, Septimus, and Astrum. (If you can tell me what they mean then you will receive my unconditional love!) However, I’ve not really used anything else Latin in the book, I just like how the words sounded in Latin, although the titles are very key to the action of the books.

About Lumen

Lumen is the first in the four-part Blood Luminary series following the characters, Daniel Satoria, Jac Lister and Mia Crosgrove.

Daniel, like all other adolescents on Templar Island is going through the final transition that will allow him to manipulate the bonds of energy and do more than just tamper with his own biological form. 

After a near-death experience he is accepted into Croft's Academy, the only private school on the island and for someone like Daniel to gain access to such teaching is a privilege, and they won’t let him forget it. He tries to fit in, but that’s when things take a turn for the worst, and everything he once knew can’t be possible any more. He doesn't know who to trust or what to believe.

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About Joseph

Joseph Eastwood is the eldest of five siblings. He lives and grew up in Lancaster, England, where he also attends the University of Cumbria, studying English Literature and Creative Writing.

He has always had a giant creative connection in his life, from drawing and writing to having an eclectic taste in music and reading a wide range of books, which he hopes reflects in his own writing. He also loves watching sci-fi, supernatural and fantasy based TV shows and films. Among some of his favourites are Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. As well as those he loves dramas, like The Good Wife and Desperate Housewives.

Joseph is either busy doing edits and writing or trying to get some university work done. He lives for creativity, striving to be different and thinking up new hoops for his characters to jump through.


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