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Lost To The Night, Vol.1 is a collection of paranormal romance stories from 5 authors, including myself that can be found and purchased:

And with XOXO:


Exerpts from Lost To The Night:

"There are more mysteries walking beside us in this world than we will ever suspect or know. For some, the greatest fears are also the sweetest thrills. Death walks among us, the unknown feeds our imaginations and fuels our dreams and our nightmares. In this collection of stories from a group of exceptional and talented authors, we'll look into the shadows, and shiver with fright and passion, until we are Lost To The Night. and all its magic."


His wild hair, sections falling around his face, the blue tattoo continuously swirling in a geometric pattern on his shoulder, revealed by the black tank top he wore, as if to show the world he didn't care who saw that he was a faerie vampire, one of very few left. But he was not just any faerie vampire, he was the Prince of Shadows.

She was not just any faerie either. She is The Returner. One who has not ever failed in a task given to her. Skills beyond those of just the regular fae. Sent by the King and Queen, despite not wanting to do her task, she will not fail.

Together they would need to release her from a promise to bind and Return him so that they could focus on finding the killer, out to destroy those who are both human and non. Someone who is out to frame them both.


Sorabella is a white witch-in hiding. She is used to the idea if her true identity comes out, she'll be shunned for being crazy, or worse. A risk she isn't willing to take. Until now. Her relationship with her boyfriend has gotten more serious than she's used to. They've moved in together, and Tyler still doesn't know about what Sorabella can do. She fears it's too late to tell him, and given he's closed minded to the entire subject of magic, doesn't make the situation any easier. But with an encounter with her old tormentor from high school-who happens to be Tyler's sister-everything is revealed to the wrong people. Now, she has no choice but to come clean with Tyler, and face the music. Good or bad.

NIGHT LESSONS by Nikki Noffsinger

Dante Notte is the hottest night class professor ever! It's not hard to see why all the ladies are so crazy about English Lit. Dante doesn't seem to mind a bit, he's rather enjoying it.

Ariel Mathias doesn't have the time for a love life or much of anything else for that matter. She likes her solitude and her world in a neat order. She's all about hitting the books and fighting off her best friend's attempts at horrible blind dates, until she meets up with the poster boy for sin when she enters Professor Notte's class.

Dante, being a vampire, has seen it all and has been with hundreds of women and none of them has perplexed him or posed such a beautiful challenge as his little bookworm, Ariel Mathias. There's a woman waiting to be unlocked, but there is something else too about Ariel. Dante has vowed come hell or fang, he will unravel this mystery and this woman...if only she doesn't stake him first!

ONE DARK MISSION by Sara Gonzales

Sergeant Belinda Beckett United States Marine Corps. intends to complete her mission. Their is nothing that will stop her not in her life or her death. The mission taking her on a wild ride with dark and mysterious males. The question is are the males in question good or bad? Is she to hunt them as per her orders or will she fall in to her own trap?

THAT WHICH BINDS US by Denysé Bridger

Forever bound to her vampire maker and master, Jayelle Sinclaire has made a break for freedom. She recognizes the obsessive and sometimes twisted bonds that keep her heart and soul in a tangled love that is entwined with DuBois's past, because it was why he turned her-to keep her with him throughout eternity. to undo the mistake he'd made when he let her die in another time and place. Fate was not yet through with either of them, though, and other errors in judgement might yet destroy the ties that bind them. Then there is DuBois himself, and his penchant for destruction of all who love him.

So what are you waiting for? Lost To The Night is in E-book format and would be a great gift for the holidays. Kindle and most E-Readers will display not only the beautiful cover art by XOXO Publishing's very own Kayden Mcleod, also a featured author, but will also display the book in a professional format that will enhance your reading experience. Spice up the Yuletide Season as well as your Kindle with Lost To The Night, an XOXO Publishing Publication.

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