Sunday, December 4, 2011

Awesome Ideas For Christmas Gifts For All Those Book Lovers With Kindles,Nooks, I-Readers, and Electronic Book Devices

If you have a friend who is just crazy about E-books, let me tell you that there are some awesome selections through XOXO Publishing that have several varieties available. Really great authors with awesome stories for affordable prices! Another great title to look up from an indie author, Sasha D. Oliver, is The Zodiac Chronicles: The Gifts. Sasha really has out done herself with this alternate take on vampires and she takes you on a really awesome roller coaster ride. So please check out XOXO Publishing's many titles as well as check out Sasha D. Oliver's The Zodiac Chronicles: The Gifts on sale with Barnes & Noble and Both XOXO Publishing and Sasha can be found on Facebook as well! Come on, what are you waiting for! Your friends will thank you when they find how many great titles and authors you've exposed them to! Who knows, they might even snag you some goodies as well!

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