Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planned Parenthood Abortion Issue in Indiana Part 2

You know a very wonderful thing happened, someone read my first view point on this subject and replied. Now did this person condemn me for what I felt with the information I had? No and I have to say it was great! I want to say that I still believe we need places like Planned Parenthood, but after doing some homework and following up on information that was given to me, I have to say that I kind of see where the government is going in reguards to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood takes in a lot of money and can be put side by side with big buisness. Now do I think that is their primary goal-to be a big corporation-no. However, with all the fund raising and donations not to mention the tax money they've been getting over time, it makes even me wonder what have they been doing with all the monies given to them? It also makes me think that even without tax money they still will be able to function. I am still not a supporter of abortions. I don't have anything agasint women who have them and I do not support violence towards abortion clinics, doctors, or nurses. I will say this-abortion is a barbaric out of date practice. We are not the same world we were 20-all the way to 60 years ago. We do not live in a day and age where abortion is the only "out" clause for a woman. I believe that when a woman gets herself with child, from the dawn of conception-it is life. According to any anatomy book or science you will find that a cell-a single cell is the basic unit of energy-thus life. So for me I believe life begins at conception. Today-women have choices. They not only are able to attend school, keep their jobs, get maternity leave(if they don't they need to file what is known as Family Medical Leave papers-because by law, they have to be approved), there is a wide range of birth control options availiable, there is always having a tubal litigation procedure that doesn't have to be permanet incase later on, she would like to try to have a child, and there are adoption choices for unwanted children. Adoption agencies offer what is called open adoptions where a birth parent can still have a relationship with their child, even though they have given the child up for adoption. The world and society is more accepting of unwed mothers and no longer are women sheltered away or sent off. There are no more Magadalena Asylums like there was in Ireland for unwed mothers or women who were found to have done the deed before they were wed. So I don't really believe there is a need for abortions other than we have to have it legal because for some women it is their choice. Doesn't mean I agree with it, but I disagree with what can happen if it's outlawed. However, the question is, "Should tax money pay for abortions?". Part of me says "no", because I think I made the points clear-there are so many options for a woman and her unborn and courts do issue child support assignments to fathers who leave unsupported minor children. There are so many people hurting that could use my tax dollars-but then the other part of me feels like it's just one of those necessary things you have to have in place for the greater good or something. However, there has to be a limit of that help. I mean abortion is NOT a form of birth control. Tax money nor donations should be paying and paying for a woman who keeps getting herself with child and decides to abort it. What I think tax money should go for is educational programs, birth control, counseling services, and things of that nature. I don't mind giving a hand up-just not a constant hand out! I also have come to believe that it's not just a religeous bashing either. A few statesmen made statements that led me and others I believe to see that it was and I do not feel that way. Just because a few apples are a few rats shy of the out house doesn't mean that everyone believes abortion to be a religeous issue. What one does in this life, they have to pay for either in this life or the next and it's not me or you that has to pay that bill. Just like death and taxes, karma comes to bite us all in the backside some time or another. I still hold fast to the belief that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness, and an innocent life that never asked for their parents to skip between the sheets that didn't think of the consequences beforehand, deserves none the less. However(I know I seem to be using that word alot), I don't want women preyed upon by leeches in dark alleys, hotel rooms, or rank apartments to play Vera Drake with dirty unsanitary conditions that can lead to death. It's simple as this-if you don't want an unplanned pregenancy-plan before you act! It's as easy as buying a condom with a spermicide that adds extra protection, or one of the various sorts of birth control. Failure rate in birth control is not uncommon but the chances are still low if used correctly. The government should not be responsible for lack of planning, however we do need programs in place to help put education, information, and women's health care in place. I would rather pay for prevention than have to pay for a funeral. Again I am not condeming women who have gotten abortions or those who are Pro-Choice. For me, from what I've learned-abortion may have to be legal but it's not the only choice out there to make and if we put our money and resources into prevention-then there one day won't be a need for abortion. That's the hope anyhow.

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