Friday, April 15, 2016

Celebrate "Cursed Awakening" with its First Edition in Trade Print

      Cursed Awakening and Red Cloud Rising
The Love, the Passion, and the Wolf Legend

          Ivy Morgan had reinvented herself and had survived hell to get a second chance at having a life of her own.  Romance and the complications a relationship could bring was NOT on her “to do” list; heck, it wasn’t even on the bucket list.
          Nyx Wahpeton and his family had been the sacred protectors of the New Hope Reservation and their lands for centuries. Duty to his family and people has always come first. His plan for life has been to protect and one day take a mate from another clan that would give his family another powerful alliance. However, when a chance encounter with a young woman who calls to his animal spirit, Nyx is unable to turn away from what he knows in his heart to be true.
          An ancient evil has surfaced and the Clans are coming. Once again, his people will fight the cursed ones and lives could be lost. Betrayal runs thick and danger lurks and waits in the shadows.  Can Nyx trust Ivy with a secret that not only will put everyone he loves in danger, but himself as well? Can Ivy trust her wounded heart to Nyx along with her own secrets?

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Red Cloud Rising

        Lahni Wahpeton is her family’s wild child. All she needs is a stage, her electric guitar, and the open road.  She’s returned home to help her family but now that the threat is over, she’s ready to get back to her band and as far from Shiloh Red Cloud; the Whispering Water’s mighty Chieftain, as fast as she can.

          Shiloh Red Cloud is a fierce warrior and his word is law within his clan. He has come back to the lands he knew as a child to give aide to the Wahpetons. However, he’s not returned just out of the goodness of his heart…he’s back to claim the woman who is his rightful mate. 

          Lahni isn’t about to let Shiloh shatter her heart a second time and she will never be placed in some cage. However she has another battle to worry about. Ever since she’s returned home she’s been plagued with horrible visions.  Something more evil than what they have already faced is waiting to engulf them all. The past always has a way of demanding its due for past transgressions. Will Lahni be strong enough? Can Shiloh accept her for who she is? Will they both be able to temper the passion between them?
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