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Exterrestrial Vampires: Now Let Me Introduce You To Michelle Hoefle

     I want to start by saying a big "THANK YOU" to Michelle for allowing me to guest host her today on my blog. Her Carpathian Blood Series is sure to be a hit with paranormal/sci-fi fans everywhere. 

Michelle Hoefle was born into a loving, single parent family in Elkhart, IN. She currently resides in Central Florida surrounded by her family and pets.

She credits her mother for her love of books, as her mother read her bedtime stories from as far back as she can remember. Reaching adolescence, the stories of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Mary Higgins Clark graced her bedside table. Adulthood brought a love of paranormal romance. Authors such as Christine Feehan, JR Ward, and Lara Adrian found their way into Michelle’s heart and home.

She began writing in earnest after her two daughters embarked on their own life journeys. In September 2012, Michelle met her quirky, demanding, but sometimes fickle, muse and wrote her first novella in just over three weeks. Through the next months she tweaked, edited, and polished it.

Michelle is now the published author of four paranormal romance novellas. Besides writing, reading, and woodcarving, she enjoys her six pets and laid-back southern lifestyle.

        Now some Q&A: 

     1. When did you discover you were a writer? Was there a particular book, movie, etc that inspired you?

      I always loved to write. Those pesky, bothersome term papers, book reports, and creative writing assignments were never a chore for me. Since grade school, I loved immersing myself in alternate worlds.

     In my adult life, I would say that JR Ward, Christine Feehan, Lynsay Sands, and Gena Showalter have inspired me the most. I love paranormal romance and would imagine my own endings or scenes in books as I read them. I finally sat down and wrote my own stories.

         2.   Who or what inspired your take on vampires?

     Honestly?  I have loved the stereotypical bad-boy, darkly charming vampire since I watched Lost    Boys back in the 1980’s… Kiefer Sutherland was just sexy to me…and don’t get me started on “Michael” the leading good guy….HAWTNESS!!!

How could I not love vampires after seeing that movie? How could any red-blooded young woman not love them?  LOL

           3. What authors/books are you currently reading these days?

       I re-read my favorites every year…JR Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathians, Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau Series, Tymber Dalton’s Love Slave for Two Series, and Teresa Gableman’s The Protectors Series. Those are my favorites.

Truthfully, I get so wrapped up in my own created universe; I do not read many new authors any longer.  I will have to take a vacation soon to discover some new and exciting books.

              4.  What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue writing in your genre?

            “Do it…just do it!”

    If you enjoy or love paranormal romance and have ideas, plots, scenes, or characters rolling through your mind, write them down. There is not right way or wrong way to develop story or book ideas…there is your way. If you have the talent to spin a great tale, imagination to see the story’s end, and the ability to “put it on paper” (so to speak), then you are a writer!

    Write because you love it, because you have a story to tell, because you want to bring some joy or happiness to others…never for the money or fame…but because the story needs to be told and it needs to be told by you.

                                                           Now for some fun! 

        1.   What is the one thing you want people to know but are                      never asked?

Do I believe in true love?

Yes, but not in the fictionalized context. Relationships and true love exist, but take a lot of real work. Life is not a fairy tale and going into a relationship thinking that love solves ALL is asking for heartbreak. Love is messy, demanding, challenging, and exasperating…but it is also rewarding, fulfilling, and never boring.  It just takes work and dedication to get there and then keep it there.

2.   Favorite Guilty Pleasure?

Eddy’s Drumstick Ice Cream….YUMMY!

3.   Are you a cat or dog person?

Both. I have a Jack Russell that is 14 this year and my baby boy and a small Siamese mix cat that is six and still acts like a kitten…she also plays fetch with drinking straws. In total we have four dogs and two cats….awesome kids.

4.   Would you say you are more of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer or True Blood kind of gal?

Definitely True Blood…give me gritty, dirty, sexy passion and romance any day over sweet, loving heartbreak.  LOL

5.   If you could go anywhere where would you go and why?

Fantasy: Pandora from Avatar! Loved the premise of a world that fluoresces under moonlight!
Reality: Australia. I want to drink in an outback, bushman’s bar with a Dundee wannabe and take part in a wild brumby round-up.

6.   If you could meet any literary hero living or dead, who would it be and why?

Living: JK Rowling, because any person who can come up with the game of Quidditch is a hero in my book! Her characters and universe are supremely awesome!


Stephen King, just to find out if he is as wonderfully weird and eccentric as we all think he is. When I watched him guest star in the Sons of Anarchy episode I LOVED him as always…creepy good!

Now that you've had a chance to get to know Michelle Hoefle, let's get to know those books; The Carpathian Blood Series. 


Carpathian Blood, Book One

All she wanted was a new start on life…but was now caught in the middle of an ancient war…will he be her salvation...or her damnation?

Enter a world where ancient myth merges with modern science fiction. Meet a vampiric alien species secretly living beside humans...protecting them, even loving them.

Mackenzie Hilton and her young brother, Alain, have come to Romania to start over. She has been offered a new career in Romania. Orphaned since the age of sixteen, Mack has raised her brother all alone. With only each other to rely on, they are looking forward to their new life.

The bright excitement of their future is shattered on a seemingly innocent hike into the Carpathian Mountains. Following a vicious attack by a vampire, their lives are forever altered. Mackenzie and Alain are forcibly brought into an alien alien society that is lead by a darkly sensual King.

Vlad is the forceful, commanding ruler of the Terranian species. His people have lived among us, unknown over millennia. When he rescues Mackenzie and her brother from a life threatening attack, his predatory alien instinct recognizes the lovely human female as his Brousha, or Soul Mate. The more time he spends with Mack, the more he desires her...needs her...wants her bound and tied at his side for all eternity.

Terrorized by an ancient, malevolent vampire, their society and humans alike are in danger. Mackenzie must trust in Vlad’s limitless courage and determined honor to protect them all. However, their growing love may not be enough to save her.

Will being brought into this world of dangerous darkness and wicked desire ultimately break her?

                      Lotris' Blood, Book Two

Escaping a demented ex-suitor, she runs head first into another alpha Terranian...Can he show her that "Dominant" does not mean abusive, but cherished instead? are invited into the hidden world of the Terranian Warriors and their incredible mates who bravely fight alongside them.

Katrina comes to Romania in order to help the Brousha, soul mate, of the Ruler of the Terranian species. She is a well known psychologist in their world. That she is also escaping her stalker ex-suitor is also a major plus for her. As she begins to settle into her role of therapist and friend, she meets the annoyingly humorous Lotris.

The second-in-command to their King, the Terranian Warrior Elite, Lotris, takes to Earth as if he were born human. Current on pop-culture and leading technology, his humorous quips elude most of the Terranians around him. He finds a fellow B-movie lover, TV comedy watcher, and techno geek in Katrina. That she is gorgeous, intelligent, and witty is a bonus.

As the love and sensual chemistry between them grows stronger, will he be able to show her that his dominance means only that he can give her what she truly desires…to be cherished and loved deeply, completely? 

Lotris’ alpha warrior nature can definitely protect her from a troublesome ex-suitor, but perhaps not from a more evil, ancient threat.

 Amorast's Blood, Book Three

She is a sassy, independent everyday woman...He is a dominant, ancient alien warrior.  How can love begin, let alone survive?

Join an ancient fight of good versus evil. The Terranians, an alien race living in secret on Earth, have been secretly battling their evil brethren for over a millennium.

Chelsea Jackson's life is going nowhere fast.  With a dead-end job, a crappy apartment, a hideous landlord, and no love life to speak of, she should be morose and depressed. 

Instead she is energetic, feisty, and perpetually happy.  How does she do it?  She believes in living everyday as if it were your last on Earth.  Little did she know that her philosophy might be actually true…for herself.

Rescuing the petite, plump human female was not in Amorast's plans when he and his team raided the vampire lair.  However, he is a Terranian Warrior Elite Caste and it is his duty to save humans and Terranians alike. At least she is pretty...very pretty...possibly even beautiful. A good thing he is not looking for a Brousha, soul mate.

Chelsea's joyful attitude and quirky personality begin to charm the battle hardened heart of Amorast.  Before he realizes that he truly loves her, she is danger of being taken from him forever.

His Gods will not keep him from her...The Vampire Master will not keep him from her...But true death just might.

Zylkian's Blood, Book Four

When he sees her, he knows he must have her in his life, at his side, in his bed…When she sees him, she knows he's a thug, drug-dealer, and tries to shoot him.  It is a match made in heaven...or possibly in hell.

Join in a secret battle that has raged for millennium. The Terranians are an ancient alien race, dedicated to keeping Earth and humans safe from their evil brethren, the vampires.

Betsy Wilson is a tough, inner-city doctor working at a free clinic late one night in Chicago when a pair of rough-looking thugs breaks in. Betsy decides not to shoot and goes into savior mode when she realizes one of the men is severely wounded. When she notices purple blood and other physiological differences, she puts her shock on hold to save her alien Terranian Warrior.

Zylkian is a wounded, but fierce Terranian Warrior through and through who knows with one glance that Betsy is his Brousha, or Soul Mate. When Zylkian orders his partner to kidnap her, convincing the good doctor to love him may take more finesse than he possesses.  Will making himself her guinea pig for scientific study of his alien species make her see him as anything more than a lab rat?

When Betsy is abducted by an evil, ancient vampire, she must find a way back to her patient…her Terranian.  Perhaps she should have admitted that her staying with him was not strictly for the science.

Will she get the chance to tell Zylkian of her love?

                        Learn more about Michelle, her Carpathian Blood 

               Series, and Much More by visiting her social links! 

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