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Red Cloud Rising: #Shifters, #Paranormal Romance Walk On The Wild Side With Me

  Shiloh Red Cloud was a fierce warrior and clan chieftain. When Dyami Wahpeton petitioned him for his  help, he spared no time in assembling his warriors and going to help the ones who had one time been his family. However, as honorable as he was, he was returning for another reason; Lahni Wahpeton.

      Lahni had returned home for one purpose: her family needed her. So when she arrived and found her greatest nemesis; Shiloh Red Cloud, there was only one plan that formulated in her mind: Help my family, steer clear of Shiloh, and get the hell outta Dodge!

Their bond was forged long ago

but was broken

Can Shiloh atone for a mistake he made years ago?

Will Lahni be able to let her heart forgive him?

Or will they both casualties of a war that was started long ago by a blood enemy? 

Read Shiloh and Lahni's story in 

Red Cloud Rising(Wolf Legend Book 1)

Nikki Noffsinger



Lahni Wahpeton is her family’s wild child. Like her parents and siblings, Lahni is a shifter from a long line of proud Lakota Sioux wolf shifters, and she is powerful in her own right. She came home to help her family defeat an ancient evil. As soon as she can tie up loose ends with her family, she’s heading back on the road and far from Shiloh Red Cloud, the man who broke her heart years ago. 

Shiloh knows broke Lahni’s heart, but he’s not about to let go of her now. Lahni is fiercely protective over her independence but more so of her heart, and she won’t be locked into a cage. 

Lahni and Shiloh won’t just be fighting the past and igniting their own passion, but they will have to battle against a treachery that is centuries old that threatens their very lives.

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