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Entice Me: Luscious Love Stories brought to you by @RomanceBooks4Us #Amazon #KU #Romance

Welcome to the Book Tour for Entice Me, the Romance anthology from the talented authors from Romance Books 4 Us. This 9 author compilation offers something for all readers of the romance genres, leaving everyone feeling satisfied but perhaps wanting more but in the best possible way. Along this tour you'll learn more about these luscious love stories so don't miss a single word as we offer you peeks into this enticing boxed set! 

This sweet through hot collection of love stories includes contemporary, period, and historical romance, otherworldly romance, and romance with a touch of magic by Award-winning and Bestselling Authors: Cindy Spencer Pape, Marianne Stephens, Jean Hart Stewart, Janice Seagraves, Gemma Juliana, Denyse Bridger, Rose Anderson, Paris Brandon, and Cara Marsi. 


In 2010, author Marianne Stephens started Romance Books '4' Us (All Romance, All Genres) as a Yahoo Group. She soon enlisted the help of 19 other authors and shortly after started the RB4U blog. The Romance Books '4' Us website followed in 2011. On both sites, Marianne and her 19 Member Authors host the romance industry's finest authors and industry representatives. Some of the names have changed over time, but the quality of writing continues. Nine of Romance Books '4' Us’ Member Authors have stories in this first RB4U anthology. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading them.


Amalie Pallas flees when she runs into danger on the cruise ship she calls home, but soon realizes she can’t afford to buy an airline ticket home from Italy.

Xandros Xenakis is more than the shipping agent everybody thinks he is—he owns the cruise ship and many more. He’s had his sights on Amalie for months, so when she suddenly becomes a stranded damsel in distress, he is quick to offer her a solution.

Can Amalie be his pretend fiancée without losing her heart to him? After all, their contract is only for a weekend. What could possibly go wrong at a family event on the French Riviera?


Cara mia, let us enjoy our weekend together.”
“Where, exactly, are we going?”
Xandros signaled for the check. “We’re driving to the French Riviera. The family villa is in Èze, on the Côte d’Azur. The wedding takes place in a chapel there, and the reception is on our family yacht in Monaco.”
Within minutes they were out the door and in his car, speeding along a hillside road.
“Oh no, Xandros,” Amalie put her hands on her cheeks. “I have nothing to wear to such an event. You saw the size of my bag. I left most of my clothes on the ship.”
“I’ve got it covered. We’ll stop at a boutique on our way. They’ll have everything you need.” His Aston Martin took the hilly curves as the speckled light filtered in and out of the shade trees overhanging the road. He pulled through a wrought iron gate and stopped before a beautiful Roman-styled mansion. “Please wait here while I collect my luggage. It’s all packed so I’ll only be a moment.”
He climbed the marble steps flanked by large ancient terracotta flowering pots and disappeared through the front door. Roses sprawled from the vases in wild abandon. She glanced in awe around the manicured grounds. The earth felt very ancient here.

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