Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sensuous Promos presents Leigh Elwood's Hot Holiday Treats Tour

Hello, I’m Leigh Ellwood, one of the Silken Sheets & Seduction authors. Thanks for stopping by our blog tour to celebrate HOT HOLIDAY TREATS!

99 cents for a limited time!
This is the first box set in which I have participated. I’ve had stories in anthologies before, but never a novella-length story paired with seven others. I credit the preparation of this box set for getting me out of a writing funk. Having a deadline, and having other authors depend on my contribution to complete the set, quickly cured writer’s block!

My story is Holiday Bliss, a panther shifter story connected to my LOVE IS BLISS series. It is an M/F pairing and features a mature heroine. Yes, a cougar panther shifter! Confused? No worries.

Holiday Bliss, like the preceding stories Sheer Bliss and Pure Bliss, is set in a New Jersey shore town where shifters are an open secret. There are two major families – the panther Houlihans and the wolf Winstons – and the series focuses on how they interact with each other and people in the community. I’ve enjoyed writing the trio of stories, and there may be more in the future. However, I have started another shifter story set further South that will tie-in a bit with the shifters of Bliss. It’s sort of a new genre for me, since I tend to write more contemporaries, and I’m enjoying the possibilities.

I hope you will check out the box set – it’s a steal for 99 cents, and it’s only available a limited time. Maybe I can persuade the SSS ladies to do another one in the near future.

Author bio:

I am Leigh Ellwood. I write smutty stories about people who like getting naked and having sex. Some have more sex than others, some have sex with people of the same gender, some have sex with more than one person, and still others have sex with toys and things that require the use of batteries. My stories range from a few thousand words to well past 70k. 

I have won awards for writing, and I have received 5-star reviews. I have also received 1-star reviews and people have looked at me funny at cons and events. I enjoy reading, yoga, and rock music. I liked the 9th Doctor best. I don’t wear dresses. I won’t cut my hair or color it. I will not limit myself to one genre when it comes to writing. I write contemporary, paranormal, gay, lesbian, menage, geek, short, long, purposely funny and hilariously sad. If I never win a major award or make a list, I will live content in the fact that I have written something, and that’s the dream.

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