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From Heroes to Heroines: The Ya Ya Sisterhood Of Paranormal Romance Novels



This blog is all about our favorite female characters. So feel free to chime in.

Mostly when we talk about books, we go on and on about those hot and hunky fellas but I think that the women of our favorite genre deserve to be showcased, don't you? So I will be giving some of my favorite ladies and they range from kick-ass to American sweet hearts.  

The Kick Ass Category

Some heroines just are bad ass and one of my favorite bad ass females is none other than Kresley Cole's Regin Radiant from her Immortals After Dark Series. Throughout the books Regin has been ferocious, smart assed, quick witted, a legendary Valkyrie,  and can out drink just about any creature that has ever lived, but like most leading ladies, she has a story and it is heart breaking even though you're probably going to know her best for the bones she breaks.

Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series no doubt delivers on the extreme thrill ride when it comes to her Fever Series, and Mackayla Lane is her kick ass heroine. Mac, as she's called, not only has some powerful Celtic mojo going on but she is forced to either be a survivor or die-horribly and dying would be easy than what the Unseelies and a monstrous book hell bent on the destruction of the world. Mackayla is inventive and is a lot tougher than she's given credit for and if that's not enough to envy, she has Jericho Barrons wrapped around her little finger which is by means no easy feat. Mackayla Lane may be blond and has a penchant for bright colors but she's one tough cookie. 

Angels, Vampires, and Guild Hunters Oh my! Nalini Singh has spared us the whole "Guardian Angel" scenario with her Guild Hunter Series and no female is more kick ass in these books than Elena Devereaux. Elena not only has a sixth sense for vampires, but she's stuck to the Alpha of all Arc Angels, Raphael but enough about him, this is about her. Elena kicks some serious ass and isn't afraid to stand her ground with these elite beings called Angels. She isn't afraid to make tough decisions but she's not made of stone either but she will not go down without a fight-a bloody one. So if you've not discovered The Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh, I highly recommend that you do.

In the realm of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books, when it comes to the top of the food chain of Bad Ass Females; Simi, Ash's Charonte Demon and daughter holds the top spot. There are all sorts of warrior women and tough girls in these books but Simi is at the top. She is the bonded demon to one of the most powerful beings ever conceived and he's spoiled and pampered her but Simi is ferocious when she has to be and if you mess with her Akri, there will not be enough of you left to scatter to the wind. Simi make seem human but she's still a demon and she will take on Zeus himself over her Akri, Akra, and her new little brothers. Tread lightly with Simi.

The Smart Girl Category

Not all girls were meant to be warriors; sometimes brains has to win out over the need to make something bleed. The first in the line up of Smart Girls comes to us from Kerrelyn Sparks's Love At Stake Series.

Toni Davis has but one goal in All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire and that is to prove vampires exist so she can rescue her best friend. All Ian McPhie wants is a vampire lady who can see beyond his looks and settle down with him. Toni has no need for a vampire boyfriend but she has to use her smarts when it comes to helping Ian find his lady love and trying to save her best friend from a mental hospital.

It's funny how life can change at the drop of the hat, or in Rachel Garret's case, a 300 year old vampire that keeps showing up in her morgue. Rachel is a pathologist at her local hospital and twice she's seen the same body. When a crazed self proclaimed vampire hunter fatally wounds her, it is Etienne Argeneau who has to make the decision whether or not to save Rachel's life even though it could mean that she might not want to stay on an eternal night shift.  Rachel is a smart girl who uses logic to solve life's problems and with Etienne she's going to need the patience of a Saint.

Lynsay Sands' Argeneau Series are not only great books full of intrigue, mystery, thrills, and a lot of laughs but they are also sensual and seductive.

Not all paranormal romances take place here on Earth. In Sherrilyn Kenyon's Ichidian Universe, Alix Garran has boarded the ship of one of the most skilled and deadly men to have ever been born: Devyn Kell. Devyn is the son of one of the best thieves and criminals not to mention his mother is the most feared bounty hunter in the universe. Her name actually makes some pee right down their legs. Alix is not so much a fighter as she is resourceful. Having lived a hard life she's had to be able to think fast on her feet or suffer for it later. You have to admire a girl who can fix anything with some string and a few drops of coolant. She's got a huge secret and an even bigger burden on her shoulders but our girl Alix is no wilting flower-she can fight for what she wants but her survival skills make her a bad ass smart girl that you can't help adoring.

Sometimes having the ability to hear the voices of the past can be a real drag. What's even worse is when you're put face to face with a demon possessed warrior who in his stupidity decided to be in on opening Pandora's Box releasing the very demons that possessed his Brethren along with himself. Ashlyn Darrow will have to use every ounce of smarts to tame the beast that resides within Maddox, Keeper of Violence and break his age old curse.

I chose Ashlyn for this list because outside of her psychic abilities, she pretty much relies on her intellect and it pays off but that's all I will tell you about Gena Showalter's The Darkest Night from her Lords Of The Underworld Series. 

The Heart Of Gold Category

Now, aside from our warrior women and those who depend on their smarts, there are those heroines that have a heart of pure gold that have us rooting for them all the way.

Gabrielle Maxwell can't believe what she's caught on camera one night in an alley and it chills her to the bone. She's become part of a dark seductive and dangerous world of The Breed; vampires who were sired from alien sires who came to Earth long ago. Not only does she get wrapped up in their world but she gets wrapped up with the top of the chain of command, Lucan Thorn, a Gen One Breed. Gabrielle has to have courage, an open heart, and brains if she's going to survive The Breed let alone the danger that lurks in both their worlds.

Lara Adrian's Breed Series has a blend of women that range from hearts of gold to femme fatales and is a must read series for all paranormal romance fans.

Micah Toler can't stop thinking about all the naughty things she'd like to do with the Breed Navarro. However he's out of reach being a Breed. Breeds are humans who have had their DNA spliced with that of animals and she knows she's not his destined mate but Navarro doesn't see it that way. Micah is selfless, tough, smart, and determined to not have her heart broken.

Lora Leigh's Breed Series are beyond sensual; they are erotic but also tell great stories. Much like Lara Adrian and the other authors mentioned, her female leads come from all walks of life and all of them find courage of heart to tame their Breed counterparts.

Now what kind of author would I be if I didn't give a shout out about my own heart of gold character, Ivy Morgan from my book Cursed Awakening?

Ivy Morgan has seen and experienced the worst of life but has begun her life anew. She's went through hell only to come out of the other side with the strength to pick up the pieces and move into a new direction and romance isn't even on the 'to do list'. When Ivy meets Nyx Wahpeton, she's drawn to him as he is her but just as she's starting to open her heart up; her past comes calling as well as something horrifying lurking in the dark. Ivy will have to draw upon a strength she  never knew she had and fight for a love she never knew was possible to have. Both their secrets could tear them apart but it is a chance that both Nyx and Ivy will have to take.

Now I know you probably are wondering why I left out so many good girls and bad girls with a killer edge, but that's why I want to hear from you! Tell me who your top five are and why. Are they warrior women who kick ass or do you go with more of a smart girl who uses her intellect and street smarts to get by. Perhaps you like a woman who has had to come through something tremendous yet still has a ways to go. No matter-tell me who your favorites are and don't forget to share the author who wrote them.

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