Thursday, December 26, 2013

Calling All Fans, Authors, and Those Of The Booky Wook World: We Need YOU!

On Christmas, my treasured friend and the talented author as well as artist, Kayden McLeod informed all of us that Yvette Matthews Lowe of Siren Reviews, lost her home and Christmas due to a fire. Yvette, her husband, and seven children lost everything but their lives. Anyone who has ever been through the devastation of a house fire, let alone one at Christmas, knows the extreme loss. I cannot even fathom it. I cannot fathom losing the things that most of us take for granted until they're gone.

          Yvette is a reviewer, what is that? Reviewers to all us authors, especially those of us who are "Indie", are dependent on reviewers and their websites and blogs. A reviewer gets books every day and sits and reads and then has to give a book a review. Sounds easy, doesn't it. Well picture having to read hoards of books in a time frame whether they're good or not then write reviews plus upload those to all your websites and online media outlets. A book reviewer isn't just someone who says, "Ooo this was a great read. You'll enjoy it. Two thumbs up!" A good book reviewer gives a well trained eye over a book and gives body to their review. It's a lot like a newspaper reporter's job. Each review has to have substance, flair, and finesse. Yvette does that with each and every review that she gives.

              We've all spent and I know most of us have donated to causes for the holidays until we're blue in the face from it but I am asking as an author, mother, and human being to please just find it in your heart to help Yvette's family during this excruciating time. Look at your children and think how you'd explain that they've lost everything-including everything that Santa had for them is gone. I can't go there let alone face having to look at wet soot and burned pieces that were once pictures and family treasures that meant nothing to no one but my own little family. Right now the Red Cross is doing their part, but we all know that they can only do so much. I know that if we all get together we can do a bit more. We may not can replace everything but we can at least help this family. Yvette is part of our world my author friends and those in the book industry. So I am going to copy and paste how YOU can help! Yvette also lost her beloved book collection and if any of my author friends and followers would like to send her some books or maybe a gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble that would be well appreciated. Let's help one of our own folks!

                       Should you donate $5.00 US or more you, the lucky donor will receive a free book from Kayden McLeod, myself, and any title from Lady Bee Publishing.

Today, I have compiled all of the information for donations to Yvette Mathews- Lowe and her family. On Christmas morning, the family’s home burned down. For the next three days, they have somewhere to stay, provided by the Red Cross.
We are trying to raise funds and collect donations of clothes, toys, books, games and food for the Lowe family during these trying times. Anything you can afford to ...give is greatly appreciated.
Anyone who donates $5.00 or more will receive e-books of their choice from Kayden McLeod, Nikki Noffsinger and Lady Bee Publishing. Please contact Kayden McLeod once you have confirmed a donation at:

Yvette’s Paypal address:
Address for physical donations: PO Box 102 Mountain City TN 37683

Clothes sizes and ages:
Abby (Girl)
Age: 8 months old
Clothes size: 6/9 months

Shawn (boy)
Age: 3 y/o
Clothes size: 4T (boy)

Ty (boy)
Age: 5 y/o
Clothes size: 6T (boy)

Paige (girl)
Age: 8 y/o
Clothes size: 12/14

Curtis (boy)
Age: 12 y/o
Clothes size: 30/30- adult med shirt

Tristan (boy)
Age: 16 y/o
Clothes size: 30/32--adult med shirt

Clothes size: XL shirt and 16/18 pants


                                                Please find it in your heart to help

                                      this family!

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