Friday, April 5, 2013

Coming Soon In May: The Caliente Blog Hop

Starting May 6th thru May 12th blogs are going to be turning up the heat! Caliente Style! The Four Seduced Muses will be hosting a blog hop of authors who will be offering more than just some "spice"!

The Four Seduced Muses is one of the most popular book/author blogs in cyberspace today! Just who are they? They are four erotic authors who have banded together and have laughed in the face of sexual taboo, kicked out the barriers, and give a "no holds barred" on their views about sexuality. Join Nicole Morgan, May Water, Maya De Leina, and Tammy Dennings Maggy as they give you Tempting Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, and Forbidden Fruit Fridays. So you can only imagine what is going to come out from their Caliente! Blog Hop. Still want an incentive to stop by my blog here on the hop? Well, how about a little taste of what is to come then from The Blood Courtesan, coming soon!

I was born in 1550 in Venice, Italy. Like my mother before me, I became a courtesan since that was the only way I could provide for my family as there was no male son or dowry for a suitable marriage. It was not a choice I would have made for myself. I was mentored by the famous of all courtesans, Veronica De Franco. Venice was all about the beauty and splendor. We were revered by all that saw us in our finery, envied by women, and sought out by men of all means of wealth and power. One night, one dance, and one man would change my stars yet again for a life I would not have chosen. He walked into the ball of the Doge one night, dressed in finery unlike any I had ever seen before. His dark hair was wild, like the mane of a lion around his face but it was his eyes-those pale blue eyes that seemed as wild as a sea during a storm. Other courtesans and ladies of the court desired him, but he had eyes for no one but me. The room-the world seemed to stop as he turned from the Doge towards me, and motioned me. I went without care-without pause as if I was under some spell. He possessed me and it was then I knew that I would never be able to be touched by another man, except for him.

        I woke up a week later, although it only seemed only hours, in his bed and it was then I learned I would never see the sun again nor would my life be the same as it was before. At first I rebelled against him, my dark prince who touched my soul like he touched my body. I came to love him though and accept my life as a fledgling. For many weeks we were happy and for many nights we were like two people possessed. If I could have slipped underneath his skin, I would not have been close enough to him. Then came the sad, sad day when he had to take me to a friend, a trusted ally to keep me safe and to further train me while he was away; summoned by some force not even I knew of. I begged him and pleaded with him to not leave me-to let me come with him. He wouldn’t. However, my prince did not deliver me to a friend but to evil herself. He was gone and could not hear my cries nor could he hear my call. My prince, my heart, and my reason for living-gone and all that remained was pain and torture. In the moments that I thought I would finally lie down and seek death’s dark embrace, I was saved but not by my dark prince-but someone else.

        That is the story of Evangelia Antoinetta DiSilvo. What remains is Lia, Venus to the men who see me and to the men who are unworthy-I am retribution!

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