Saturday, February 23, 2013

Come One, Come All, Join In The 2013 XoXo Publishing Scavenger Hunt

Going on right now is the 2013 XoXo Publishing Scavenger Hunt hosted by Sensual Promotions.

What exactly is an XoXo Publishing Scavenger Hunt?

        The Scavenger Hunt is for all of you wonderful lovers of books to get a chance to not only meet all of us XoXo authors but to have some fun and win some great prizes. For authors, it's a chance to meet new ones as well as see what great services both XoXo Publishing and Sensual Promotions can do for them. It's a WIN WIN for everyone! So you're probably wondering WHY one should participate?

Again, many of the authors are throwing some great prizes out there like FREE BOOKS. We all can agree that there is nothing wrong with free books.

Who wants to just read romance novels? Okay first off, not all of XoXo's authors write romance just like not all XoXo authors write contemporary fiction or inspirational stories. There is something for just about everyone within the XoXo family. Secondly, if you're an author like myself, Sensual Promotions is a promotional company that specializes in promoting authors and has a menu of services that can fit any budget. Who knows there could be a chance to WIN free promotional services. Who knows, right, so what do you have to lose?

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