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Start July With Author Laci Page and What A Simple Picture Inspired

Laci Page is an author who joined the Tasha Turner Virtual Blog Tour and I am thrilled she could be my guest. Her assignment was to take a picture and write what we call, "Flash Fiction". Ms.Page's story is not only heart warming but shows her versatility and talents as a creative writer and author. Thank You Laci for being my guest! 

I want to thank Nikki for having me on her blog today!
Nikki and I are participating in the Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour. This week our assignment was to use a photo prompt to write a story. This story is what came to mind when I looked at the picture of the baby koala bear…

Her Vacation, by Laci Paige

Kai stood in front of a baby koala bear in Australia. Tears rolled down her cheeks. It was a bitter sweet moment. All her life she dreamed of going to Australia to see a koala in person. The time had finally come and she was living her dream. Standing there in the park many people came and went around her. She looked over to her right and saw a handsome gentleman staring at her. She kindly smiled, and went back to watching the koala.
     Joe, her husband promised her for many years they would go, but as time passed the trip was never made. Money was sparse in the beginning of their marriage, but then when the cash was flowing in he was always too busy with work.
     Kai made a very bold decision a few months ago. She divorced her husband of almost twenty years. She loved him and always would, but he loved his job more than her. It was too painful to live that way. It would have been one thing if the man was having an affair, but she followed him and asked around and he was always at work or at home working. He had an unhealthy addiction to his job.
     When she sat down and tried to talk to him about it for the hundredth time, he shrugged it off. Told her they would have a good retirement one day. As he walked away she asked him, “Do you still love me?”
     He stopped with his back to her, and hesitated longer than he should have. Quietly, he said, “Yes.” Without looking back he walked away and went to bed.
     That was all the answer she needed. She went the next day and found a divorce lawyer.
     “Excuse me.” A male’s voice interrupted her thoughts.
     “The parks getting ready to close. We are asking everyone to leave so they don’t get locked in.” The man chuckled.
     “Oh, certainly. I’m sorry, I lost track of the time.”
     “It’s no problem. The park opens again tomorrow at 8.”
     “Thank you for the information.”
     Kai spent day after day of her vacation visiting the park. She spent most of her time there reading, eating, and watching the animals. Each day the same man would be there alongside her.
     Day three the man finally spoke to her. “Hello. Nice day we’re having isn’t it?”
    Her head snapped up. “Oh.” She looked to the sky and then to the man’s face. “Yes, it’s a beautiful day.”
     “I wasn’t sure you’d notice. For days now you’ve had your head in a book or staring off into space.”
     “What?” Kai felt unnerved. Was this man following her?  “Have you been watching me?”
     “I have a good excuse. I run the place.”
     Some of the tension drained from her body. “Oh, I thought you were some crazy man following me.”
     “Well, I am kind of crazy, in a good way. And I wasn’t exactly following you, but I don’t normally spend so much time on the grounds as I have been.”
     “And why have you now?”
     Taken aback she rose from her bench where she was seated. “I have to go now. It was nice to meet you.”
     “Wait. Don’t leave on my account. You stay. If I make you uncomfortable I should be the one to leave. But let me explain myself first. Please?”
     Kai nodded and sat down on the edge of the bench ready to run if things got weird. It was then that she looked into his earnest eyes and noticed they were blue. He really was a good looking man.
     “I walked past you the other day and I stopped dead in my tracks. Never have I seen such beauty. Each day you returned and I had to see you. I made excuses to my staff as to why I needed to be out here. I told them I was observing the park as a visitor. I think they knew better, only this morning Betty told me to talk to you and get it over with. So this is my attempt.” Kai was aware of her increasing heart rate, and it wasn’t out of fear. She felt her face warm, and knew her cheeks probably were a nice shade of pink. It had been ages since someone paid attention to her, and she could remember the last time someone commented on her beauty.
     “Who is Betty?” She asked, looking down to her lap she smoothed her skirt over her thighs.
     “She is the elderly woman who greets people at the gate, and she’s also my grandmother.”
     “Oh, Betty, she’s lovely. Always very friendly and helpful. She gave me directions to a really good restaurant for lunch the other day.”
     “Shall we go ask her for a recommendation on dinner?” His eyes sparkled.
     “Are you asking me out?”
    “I think I am.”
     “I don’t even know your name.”
     “I’m Kai. Nice to meet you Robert. I must be crazy, but sure let’s go ask your grandmother where we should go for dinner.”
     Kai and Robert walked hand in hand to the gate as the sunset in front of them. Betty watched them, and smiled with an all knowing look.
Laci Paige’s Bio:

When Laci’s not reading or writing she can be found spending time with her husband supporting their children. Laci enjoys camping, hiking, & photography. And she loves to chat with fans on Twitter and Facebook. Laci and her family currently reside in Hampton Roads, VA. 


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