Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Support Justice For Treyvon Martin

I have always know there is injustice in the world, especially in our own country but it never fails to shock me just how many injustices are in our own back yard. The murder of Treyvon Martin-a young teenager, and a state that is trying to sweep it under the rug is beyond me. For many years I supported causes such as Human Rights, Matthew Shepherd Foundation, The West Memphis 3, and others. The world we live in is not always picture perfect, but when we stand by and say it's okay that a boy can be killed because of a man's disregard for human life and it's upheld because of a law that is meant to protect people just says that we are no better than many of the countries we have been at war with for the past decade. Mr.Zimmerman needs to be arrested and put into prison for what he has done. He was told by the dispatch for the police department to not approach Treyvon and yet he did. He also made the conscious decision to use deadly force because a young boy who was carrying a cell phone, a can of tea, and a small package of candy refused to stop. How many times do we tell our children to not speak to strangers? I know I have told my own children countless times. I have told them that if someone is following them or after them to run, run to a house and get help. Treyvon never had a chance to run to any of the homes to get help for the stranger who was giving chase and a verbal attack. He was shot in cold blood. Can you imagine being his mother and father getting that call or visit from the police department? I can't. Elected officials are voted into office to make laws that protect us not to be interpreted to suit their own needs. Florida one of the vacation capitals of the world, has cast a dark shadow on their state by allowing this man to walk free. Treyvon will never walk again. Treyvon will never get to have his say in court. Treyvon had no criminal record or drugs on him. He was dressed like most teenagers his age, in jeans and a hoodie coming home from a ball game. Probably was cutting through the housing edition for a quicker route home. How many of us has cut through a yard to get home? Would you expect to be shot because you crossed through a neighbor's yard? I wouldn't. If this had happened in most other states, Zimmerman would have long ago be placed in jail and awaiting a court date. This isn't just Florida's problem, it's our whole country's problem. We all need to stand up against this and be heard! This tragedy cannot go unnoticed or ignored. This isn't a case of a grown man who was threatened by a young boy. This was a man who had a narcissistic need to for attention and to be a "hero" who made a terrible decision. If it were you or me, we'd be held accountable so why isn't Florida being held accountable? Why is it that Kim Kardasian can get justice but Treyvon Martin cannot?

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