Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Indiana Un Constitutional-C'mon now don't turn a blind eye here!

I live in Indiana. I have to say today I really became ashamed to be a Hoosier. Today it was announced that the Indiana Government had voted to add a Constitutional amendment that would ban all Gay Marriages and Civil Unions. When this issue was being debated churches from all over the state of Indiana came out in droves to the hearings to have their voices heard. Many citizens including those who are gay, came out as well to. There is nothing in any Constitution,Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights that defines what marriage is or decries Homosexuality. The Constitution of the USA put Separation of Church and State for a reason, and Indiana apparently must be immune from that. The only arguments anyone had against Gay Marriage was religeon based. Let's cut the "God" part of it out, why is Marriage between gay people so bad? Why, because they are morally corrupt or deviant? They don't pay taxes? They are more likely to start up drug cartels or porn rings? They are more apt to beat their spouses or have children they can't care for? They are more likely to divorce? They spread disease?

Okay here are the facts:

1. Most gay relationships are more committed than straight ones. According to national statistics, the divorce rate and infidelity rate and abuse rates are higher among straight oriented individuals than that of gay and trangendered. That is not saying that abuse doesn't happen or infidelity but it's lower. Don't believe me, look at your local papers and see just how many people file for divorce every single day.

2.Gay people are no more apt to be deviant or criminals than straight people are. Sex as long as its consentual between 2 adults is their buisness not mine, yours, or the government. Any kind of sex that isn't the missionary position is considered deviant. In many countries, sex that is performed on non married people is considered deviant and in some places against the law. Sex that involves multiple partners(for those of you out there that aren't in a committed relationship) is considered indecent and deviant. Sex that involves "toys" is considered deviant. Maturbation is considered deviant. If a person looks at Playboy/Girl or girly or guy magazines, they're considered deviant and I bet there are lots of Senators and Reps out there that not only look at these magazines and porn not to mention have wild monkey sex with their signifigant others, are deviant. So what is the big deal with what people do in their bedrooms? What is the big deal? Again, as long as its consentual, who cares? Saying gay people cause disease is ridiculous! Since the dawn of the AIDS epidemic it's been proven that more straight people are at risk than those who are homosexual. So get off that excuse.

3.Many gay people hold jobs and pay taxes just like straight people do. Many of them are judges, doctors, surgeons, in law enforcement, Firemen and women, are overseas right now in our military defending and putting their own lives at risk for us and others, and the list goes on. They pay their tax money to a government who is trying to dictate their right to love and their right to happiness that the Declaration of Indpendence guarentees us all.

4. There are no gay people going to schools waving around their "gay" wands wanting to convert innocent children to a gay lifestyle. Many gay people who have children or have adopted children are excellent parents and their children are no more gay than their parents are straight. They grow up in a loving home and most of them statistic wise are drug free, don't wind up preggers, or dropping out of school. They are just as likely to go to a 4 year college as a child that has been raised in a straight household.

5. What is marriage anyway? It's a legality is all. It is the union between two people that love one another or wish to commit themselves to one another legally. They get tax write offs and get all the same priveledges that married couples get. Is that what is worrying the Indiana GOP, is that they'll have to give out deductions? Or that a gay couple will be in charge of making legal decisions? Are they worried about divorce rates increasing? I mean how worse could it get, I mean we already have high divorce rates already. Some gay people have been together comitted, for over 20 years.

I just think that the Government has enough on their plate without telling people who they can be happy with! Gay people are not going to go away!Many of what I listed happens more among straight people than gay people. England, one of our supernations, has legalized gay marriage and their country hasn't crumbled. The moral fiber hasn't went straight to the dogs and they have just as many churches if not more than the US does. So many countries are getting caught up with the 21st century,so why can't we? It wasn't long ago that a man named Hitler convinced a whole country that Jews were ignorant, were evil, and were the enemy. Hitler orchestrated one of the largest genocides in history next to Rwanda. In early Colonial America, anyone who looked different or didn't pray enough or 100 other petty reasons, was executed for being a witch. Slavery in America lasted over 100 years and blacks were denied Civil Rights until the Civil Rights movement because it was still believed that black people were not entitled because of the color of their skin. They weren't even allowed to vote or their children attend the same school as white children because it was believed that the two races just could not co-exsist together and that black people were not intelligent enough. Tell that one to Oprah Winfrey why don't you. I dare you. So if we've come so far as far as race relations are concerned, why can't we go a bit farther and give Gay people the same rights as we all have? Why is religeon carrying any weight at all in these matters? I see the religeous aspect of the argument but the thing still stands: We have Separation of Church and State and our Fore Fathers knew what they were doing because Religeon had played too much apart in England. To have a country that was built on people having rights and people being able to thrive and a solid government they had to create something unlike that of England and other European countries. So Separation of Church and State was put there for a reason and it's a damn shame that it's not being held up in the state of Indiana.

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